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Already Causing Progress - Communication and Transparency

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

After over a decade of never hearing about council budget meetings, Council announced, online and in a meeting, the dates for budget meetings. Apparently, they had been advertised in the newspaper, but not announced online or in meetings before. Also, after never publishing our official current budget online and requiring residents to file a right to know request to see the budget, Council announced in the September meeting that they are considering publishing the budget online after the 2020 budget is voted on.

This is not controversial. Other local websites have their budgets online for anyone to see. They have been doing this for years. Requiring residents to file RTK requests to see the budget for the current year is not normal.

If you would like to see council provide increased transparency, such as sharing basic information about the borough with the residents, you need to go to the firehouse on November 5 and cast your vote for the three Democrats running for council seats. If Republicans continue to have unanimous control over the council, nothing will change.


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