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Our Campaign Objectives

1. Improve Electronic Communication

People increasingly rely on the internet and social media to learn about what’s going on in their community. The Borough website is not updated regularly and it doesn’t have basic information about the budget, monthly financial reports and ordinances up for vote and the Official Facebook site lacks pertinent information about upcoming meetings and recycling guidelines. The Parkside Democrats plan is to significantly improve the website and expand its content so it can be a centralized place to find all Borough information. We would revise the administrative controls on the Facebook page, add a Twitter feed and expand the use of email. We will notify residents of new information through these alternative communication channels, and direct users back to the website.

2. Improve Participation in Council Meetings

The Parkside Democrats believe that all residents should have the ability to be active participants in their local government. Notice of Borough meetings should be electronically communicated along with the agenda and copies of any documents, ordinances, motions or Borough reports that will be discussed or voted on at the meeting. Ordinances to be voted on would be posted online, not just in the Daily Times. Residents should be allowed to ask questions and comment on any topic on the agenda, at the time it is discussed. No more limiting the number of people who can comment and making residents wait until the end of the meeting. We want everyone to be able to participate in the Council meetings, including by live-streaming or video-conferencing options.

3. 10-year Plan to Virtually Eliminate Borough’s Electric Bill

The Parkside Democrats want to reduce expenditures by virtually eliminating the Borough’s electric bill over 10 years. The plan involves an energy efficiency retrofit and installation of solar panels on the borough building and converting the street lighting to high efficiency LED with individual solar panels with 5 night battery backup. For the details of this plan, please visit

4. Move Parkside toward Environmental Sustainability

In addition to reducing our Borough’s dependence on non-renewable electricity, we would actively educate residents and business on ways they can reduce waste and plastic use, recycle and make their own homes and lifestyles more sustainable. We would also collaborate with other local and regional organizations involved in sustainability.

5. Allow Use of the Borough Building by Community Groups

Parkside does not have a community center and the Borough building, which is paid for by taxpayers, should be available at no cost to community groups. The Borough budgets $813/ month to heat and cool the borough building and approximately 40% of it is used for only an hour a month. It is possible to encourage use of the building by community groups, while still ensuring the space is treated appropriately.


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