• Anna Guy

Already Causing Progress - Electric Costs

The Democratic Candidates for Parkside Borough Council are very pleased with the way that we are already affecting the Governing of Parkside. As you know our big idea in this campaign is to attempt to eliminate the electric bill of the Borough of Parkside in about 10 years. The first two steps in that process is to complete an Energy Efficiency Retrofit of the Borough Building and to convert all of the Street Lights to LED. We are glad that due to our leadership on this issue, the Borough Council after going 15 or more years with $800 monthly electric bills on the Borough building, and no previous discussion at meetings, suddenly announced at the September council meeting that they are having an Energy Audit performed on the Borough Property and have received an initial quote for LED Street Lights. This is how change starts. However, if you really want to see change continue, vote for new blood on the Borough Council. Don’t be fooled into believing that those who take others ideas can implement them as effectively as those who proposed them in the first place.

Scott Sidlow


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