• Anna Guy

Change, Balance and Accountability

For 30 years, the Parkside Borough Council has been 100% made up of members of the Republican party. Many years, they ran unopposed. This year, on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, we have 3 qualified candidates from the Democratic party who have a strong desire to bring change, balance and accountability to our council,  that has not existed for at least 30 years. Anna Guy, Scott Sidlow and Perry Sweigart are committed to seek answers to questions that need to be asked:

Where exactly are our tax dollars being spent? Why aren't all financial reports (budget, monthly treasurer's report, etc.) available publicly without filing a FOIA?

Why is over $800 a month budgeted for paying the electric bill of our borough building? 

Why aren't community groups permitted to use the space in the borough building that is only used for one hour each month? 

Why are some of our residents unable to access our Official Facebook page? 

Why does Council not post Borough Ordinances to be voted on electronically before the vote, instead sticking only to the letter of the law, which requires publishing in a local print newspaper.Why aren't our council meetings broadcast online?

Why aren't council meeting reminders, comprehensive meeting minutes, and other relevant news posted regularly on the website and Official Facebook Page?

This election is not about party. It is about voting in council members who will bring change, balance and accountability to our council, something Parkside has not had in three decades.  On Tuesday, November 5 - VOTE for CHANGE, BALANCE and ACCOUNTABILITY. Anna Guy, Scott Sidlow and Perry Sweigart


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